Faculty of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Department was established in 1968 at the Faculty of Engineering and Science. In 1978 became a department of a Faculty of Chemistry established in this year and then  Department was transferred into the Engineering Faculty in 1982.  

Chemical engineering is a discipline influencing numerous areas of technology. In broad terms, chemical engineers are responsible for the conception and design of processes for the purpose of production, transformation and transportation of materials. This activity begins with experimentation in the laboratory and is followed by implementation of the technology to full scale production.

The large number of industries which depend on the synthesis and processing of chemicals and materials place the chemical engineer in great demand. In addition to traditional examples such as the chemical, energy and oil industries, opportunities in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronic device fabrication, and environmental engineering are increasing.

To carry out these activities, the chemical engineer requires a complete and quantitative understanding of both the engineering and scientific principles underlying these technological processes. This is reflected in the curriculum of the chemical engineering department which includes the study of applied mathematics, material and energy balances, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, energy and mass transfer, separations technologies, chemical reaction kinetics and reactor design, and process design. These courses are built on a foundation in the sciences of chemistry, physics and biology.

All of the academic staff are involved both in teaching and in research through funded projects as well as in supervising of students undergraduate, master and Ph.D. thesis. The Department offers undergraduate education to about 568 students, and graduate programs to about 64 master and Ph.D. students.

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