Çerez Örnek


Engineering in general is all the work done to improve the quality of life of the society by developing various systems and providing services and using the basic principles of mathematics, physics and chemistry while doing this. Bioengineering, in this context, is an engineering branch dealing with systems in which engineering principles are applied in a way that includes biology as well.

Bioengineering, which is a branch of science that deals with biological systems and problems encountered in these systems by the application of both engineering principles and biological techniques that have excelled due to rapid advances in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, cell metabolism and materials science; consists of sub branches like bioprocess engineering, genetic engineering, tissue engineering, molecular engineering, metabolic engineering and biomedical engineering. This branch of science aims to produce unique solutions to the problems of today's society in different dimensions and sectors, and opens a new horizon even to traditional biotechnological industries thanks to the knowledge gained through the development of new approaches and modern techniques. It provides great opportunities for biotechnological industries both in terms of quality and efficiency. In recent years, it has started to spread in our country as a multidisciplinary science which is developing in harmony with modern technology.

Ege University Bioengineering Department is the first “Bioengineering Department” established among the engineering faculties in our country. The language of instruction of the Bioengineering program is predominantly Turkish with 30% of courses taught in English.

For more information you can visit the department’s website at http://biyomuhendislik.ege.edu.tr.


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