Çerez Örnek

Leather Engineering

The basis if Department of Leather Engineering at Ege University based on the "Fiber Technology Chair" established in 1960 within the Faculty of Agriculture. The department began it’s undergraduate and graduate programs which were the first programs specializing on leather in Turkey initially under the Agriculture Faculty in 1983. The department which moved to the Faculty of Engineering as "Leather Engineering Department" in 1999 is one of the few important institutions of the world and is one of the first and only important institutions of the country in the field of leather engineering with its competent, experienced and experienced academic staff.

The educational objective of the Department of Leather Engineering is to train engineers with high standards which the world leather and leather products industry needs. In this context; It is aimed to educate engineers who are able to produce and modify finished leather types, perform all physical and chemical controls, develop new techniques and technologies, and design fashionable new products. Also shoe design and production, leather apparel are subjects within the scope of leather engineering.

The students of the Department of Leather Engineering demonstrate successful work in the design and production of environmentally friendly and innovative leather products.
The 3rd and 4th grade students gain the appreciation of the leather industrialists with their performances in the “Deep Ideas” Leather Design and Production Competition held annually with the participation of the Department of Leather Engineering and the related Departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts under the leadership of the Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association. The graduates of the Department of Leather Engineering, who have high employment opportunities both in Turkey and abroad, continue to make significant contributions to the international competitiveness of the sector with their success in business life.

In addition to education and training activities, the department hosts national and international scientific meetings and various activities that bring together industrialists and students.

For more information you can visit the department’s website at  http://deri.ege.edu.tr.


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