Çerez Örnek



Our Faculty was established in 1982 under the name of Faculty of Engineering with the Decree Law No. 41 dated 22.06.1982.


Our faculty has 9 departments which are; Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Leather Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Textile Engineering. Education has started  in The Department of Computer Engineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Textile Engineering on the date of establishment of the faculty. Electrical-Electronics, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments were established in 1994. Leather Engineering was established in 1999, and Bioengineering Department was established in 2000 and the education continued with a total of 9 departments. . All of our departments offer undergraduate education and also all of our departments offer Master and PhD education. While the Chemical Engineering program is fully taught in English ( 100; In the undergraduate program of Computer, Bioengineering, Electrical-Electronics, Food, Civil and Mechanical Engineering departments, 30% of the courses are given in English, in the Textile and Leather Engineering Departments medium of education is Turkish and one-year English preparatory education is given.

Approximately 800 new students enter our faculty every year and approximately 800 students graduate. There is no Evening Education in any of our departments. The number of students in our faculty is approximately 4566 and the number of graduates has reached 13781. Students coming from foreign countries also have an important effect in the number of students approaching five thousand. The Faculty of Engineering, which carries out joint projects with many international universities, gives great importance to the exchange of academic staff and students in the coming periods. Some departments are one and only in Turkey. Furthermore, the departments of the faculty are in the 1-5 rankings of preference in the University Entrance Exam. The Faculty aims to educate the engineers required by the economy by equipping them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, to provide solutions to the problems of the relevant public and private industrial organizations, to apply the new technologies to the industry and to conduct researches for the development of basic engineering sciences.


Undoubtedly, it is important to produce new technologies and develop existing ones. In the process of transition from industrial society to information society, engineers, institutions and organizations that train engineers have important duties. Acting with this awareness, the Faculty not only closely follows the developments in the world and opens new departments and research areas. But also , it continuously renews the existing departments and research areas according to the conditions of the time. It encourages the participation of people with industrial and practical experience to its academic staff which is getting stronger every day.


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