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Dean's Word


Engineering has continued its development from the beginning of human history to the present and continues. Engineering has introduced new inventions and expanded its field of activity over time since the birth of humanity.

It is evident that the level of life of advanced societies depends on the development of the social life, the use of technology and the use of them in life. Engineers are primarily responsible of the production of technology and its application in daily life of society. The people and organizations that develop and implement technology are well-respected in the developed and developing countries and they play very important role in the future of the country. The studies in the field of engineering provide important services at every stage of social life.

Nowadays, engineering is the use of science and technology, which emerged with the industrial revolution, in different ways to meet the social and economic needs of people by using them in production. Engineering education has the largest share in keeping up with the developments in the world where technology changes and develops rapidly. The aim of our faculty in undergraduate education is to train engineers who can keep up with this rapid change, have ethical values, are prone to team work, have high communication skills, are competitive, confident and solve problems through analytical solution ability.

As in the rest of the world, studies in many areas are underway in order to increase R & D, innovation and technology production activities in our country and to develop University-Industry cooperation. Universities, with their R & D and innovation studies, contribute greatly to regional and national development. . This contribution is possible not only with the scientific research of the universities, but also with the integration of the researches with the society, in other words, the transfer of technology. In this way, universities both contribute to the production of new technological and high value-added products that will strengthen the industry, and as a result, they contribute significantly to the national economy and social welfare.

In the light of all these, it is important to educate, produce knowledge and transfer it to the society and industry at the point reached in our country and worldwide. In line with this goal, it is our greatest wish that our dear students grow up as qualified, responsible graduates who will make important contributions to the academy and society.

Our faculty endeavors with our academic and administrative staff who are successful in their fields in order to shape future of the curious students who will join us in engineering branches and provide them with the knowledge and skills they need in today's conditions.

On the way to becoming a research university, within the framework of the vision of our university, we continue our studies as an engineering faculty with advanced laboratory and scientific work infrastructure in many fields with its high level research and teaching staff.

Prof.Dr. Muhammed Bahattin TANYOLAÇ



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