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Food Engineering

The School of Food Technology started teaching in 1975-1976 with 40 students. With the proposal of Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, the School of Food Technology was turned into a Faculty and this transformation was approved by the Minister of National Education on 18.08.1977. With the Law on Higher Education Organization dated 28.03.1983 and numbered 2800, the Department was administratively placed under the Ege University Engineering Faculty.

Food Engineering is an engineering discipline in which physical, chemical and biological sciences find application in the processing, storage, transportation, production and development of new foods.

The vision of our department is to train food engineers who are sensitive to humanity problems and are aware of their professional responsibilities, who can contribute to the scientific, technological and economic developments of the age together with our stakeholders in all fields related to Food Engineering education.

The Department's web pages can be reached at http://food.ege.edu.tr.


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