Summer Practice

“Summer practice” is obligatory in different terms during the undergraduate education. The regulations for summer practice varies from department to department. It is expected to reinforce and support the outcomes of the lectures by attending to the field applications. The reports of the summer practice are prepared and submitted to the departments.


Summer Practice details could be achieved by the web links of each department.


Computer Engineering :http://bilmuh.ege.edu.tr/index.php?lid=1&SayfaID=1034&cat=details


Bioengineering : http://biyomuhendislik.ege.edu.tr/


Leather Engineering : http://deri.ege.edu.tr/staj.html


Electrical Electronics Engineering : http://electronics.ege.edu.tr/belgeler/staj/


Food Engineering : http://food.ege.edu.tr/index.php?lid=1&SayfaID=223&cat=details


Civil Engineering


Chemical Engineering : http://chemeng.ege.edu.tr/WEBTR/index.php


Mechanical Engineering http://me.ege.edu.tr/oldsite/e/staj/STAJ%20ILE%20ILGILI%20ACIKLAMALAR_2012.pdf


Textile Engineering : http://textile.ege.edu.tr/sayfa/1/s/0068/stajlar.html