Social - Cultural Life


Ege University Student Village consists of 12 blocks (one of them is Athlete’s Block), one administrative unit and one with social facility and serves 1,776 students. In Ege University Student Village, single or double rooms with alternatives could be preferred by university students during their education, and a peaceful, safe, comfortable, healthy, a contemporary environment is offered. Each block of Ege University Student Village has recreation and study rooms, laundry and kitchen facilities. It also has a common dining hall and cafeteria, as well as all other social facilities and it meets the needs of students with sports fields.

Also, a dormitory with a capacity of 5,210 beds are available in the area which is held by Credit and Dormitories Institution in the campus.

There are two campus cafeterias at different locations, where cheap and good quality food is available for students. However, the campus offers different alternatives with one restaurant, 8 cafeterias, and 6 canteens. Green Pavilion Winter Garden and Murat Pavilion serve as  cafe-restaurants.